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Combining rigorous data management and internal network safety procedures with user support designed to guide safe online practices, t2pets operates one of the most committed and dedicated safety teams in all of social media.

t2pets Customer Care reviews and responds to member content and concerns 24x7x365 and takes action against content that violates t2pets?s stringent safety and security requirements. t2pets promotes increased communication regarding responsible Internet and social media practices and provides targeted Internet guides to assist members in more safely accessing its social network. In addition, t2pets offers users opportunities to report their concerns directly to teams dedicated to responding to safety concerns and site misuse.

A deep commitment to the safety of its online community also led t2pets to develop stringent practices aimed at protecting teen users. t2pets forbids abuse related to spamming, phishing, cyberbullying and the posting of pornography and abusive messaging, as well as restricts contact between adults and members under the age of 18. Furthermore, t2pets enforces a minimum registration age of 13. Hosted images are reviewed for compliance with the t2pets Terms of Service. t2pets also maintains detailed IP logs for law enforcement teams who investigate abuse. These measures represent just a sampling of the steps the site has taken to protect users.

t2pets recognizes the active role users play in managing their own safety. As a result, members are encouraged to take caution when communicating with strangers and to refrain from posting private information in profiles or messages. t2pets also suggests that users immediately stop communicating with anyone who pressures them for personal or financial information. Members must also carefully consider the content they post, as negative comments or images may damage relationships with parents, friends, teachers and employers.

If a member chooses to have a face-to-face meeting with someone they meet online, t2pets encourages users to tell a friend or family member where they are going and when they will return and to designate meetings in public places. Members meeting someone from any Internet site should also provide their own transportation and not identify their place of residency. Please refer to the Parent Resources and Teen Resources for additional online safety information.


t2pets uses industry standard security measures to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.

Specialized data teams work 24X7 to ensure the integrity and security of networks and systems.

Password encryption and detailed data screening also increase the level of security on profiles and applications.

t2pets further protects its networks using a combination of perimeter defenses, internal access controls, persistent monitoring and data encryption.
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